A free, searchable, and open source bibliography

The Trace R&D Center is committed to providing a complete and growing list of Trace authored citations of its publications, presentations, patents, and other types of resources simply by visiting our bibliography link (either on this page under the Publications menu tab).  We occasionally will provide full-text reproductions or reprints of original publications here as well, and in some cases we will provide abstracts or excerpts.  While we at the Trace R&D Center make every effort to ensure that information provided here complies as much as possible with Web Accessibility Guidelines, we cannot and do not take responsibility for the accessibility of external links.  We urge all our partners and collaborators to create Web Accessible documents.

In addition to browsing all our records by author, topic, title, type or year in chronological order on our main bibliography page, you can also:

  • Use our Topic Search - and see all our topics at once
  • Use our Author Search - just like the topic search, but with author names
  • Create your own Search Filters using the search link on our bibliography page - you can pick and choose as many search terms and filters as you want

Exporting Records

Every record is available for export via EndNote XML format.  EndNote is a widely used software application used by researchers.  It is possible to export individual as well as bulk records by simply clicking on one or more of the citation links.


If you are having trouble finding or exporting a record, let us know by sending us an email at


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