University of Maryland


Trace Center Featured on Local News

April 1st, 2009

Channel 3 News in Madison, Wisconsin, featured the Trace Center in an in-depth report on March 31, 2009. View the story or read the transcript on the Channel 3 website.

The story shows UW student Andrew Hasley demonstrating his use of the Automated Postal Center, which is accessible for people who are blind or have other disabilities. The EZ Access features developed at the Trace Center were implemented in this system, which is available in post offices across the country.

Carl DuRocher is also featured in the story, demonstrating StickyKeys and MouseKeys, two of the original accessibility features built in to Windows, Mac OS, and other computer operating systems. These and seven other accessibility features were developed at the Trace Center in the 1980’s.

At the end of the story Center Director Gregg Vanderheiden characterizes Trace’s present focus on Internet accessibility:

So much can be done on the Web and for people who have disabilities, or people who are older. It could be a very powerful way for them to get information, to communicate with others, connect with others. We need to figure out not only how to make the Web pages accessible but make sure they get tools.