University of Maryland


Report on 9-1-1 Calling for People With Disabilities

July 21st, 2011

On July 21, 2011, the FCC released the Report on Emergency Calling for Persons With Disabilities: Survey Review and Analysis. This report is the result of a national survey conducted by the Emergency Access Advisory Committee (EAAC). during April and May 2011. Trace Center staff provided support for data compilation and graphing of the results, and Gregg Vanderheiden (Trace Center Director) serves on the EAAC.

Survey questions addressed a person’s experiences and technology used when calling 9-1-1 today, and then asked for respondents’ functional preferences for future Internet-based 9-1-1 calling (referred to as “NG9-1-1”). The survey was completed by 3,149 persons with various disabilities. Data will provide guidance to the EAAC as it develops recommendations to the FCC on technical and policy aspects of NG9-1-1.