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Congresswoman Baldwin Tours Trace Center

Wisconsin Congressional Representative Tammy Baldwin included the Trace Center on her tour of the UW Research Park on Sept. 4.

Gregg Vanderheiden demonstrates accessibility features of ATM prototype to congresswoman Baldwin.

Wisconsin Congressional Representative Tammy Baldwin visited the Trace Center Sept. 4, 2001 to learn more about disability access to electronic consumer products. Industrial Engineering Professor and Center Director Gregg Vanderheiden led the tour and explained the challenges and successes of the Center across its 30-year history.

Congresswoman Baldwin was given demonstrations of access techniques to electronic voting systems and ATMs (as shown in photo, right), and information on Trace efforts to standardize future network technology to allow mobile devices such as cell phones and handheld computers to communicate with home appliances, kiosks, and ATMs. Professor Vanderheiden also explained the Trace Center's role in developing the accessibility features found in every copy of Microsoft Windows and the benefits of web accessibility for people with disabilities.

Baldwin is a member of the Congressional Budget and Judicial Committees, and is a leading advocate for health care reform, preserving and protecting Social Security and Medicare, and assisting people with disabilities in their efforts to lead productive lives.

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