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Vanderheiden, G. (In Press).  Augmentative and Alternative Communication. The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition: Medical Devices and Systems.
Ding, Y., & Vanderheiden G. (In Press).  Computerized decision support for people with disabilities: review and outlook. Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities.
Perkins, R., & Vanderheiden G. (In Press).  New Access Tools for Telecollaboration OATTS.
Epelde, G., Carrasco, E., Rajasekharan, S., Zimmerman G., Alexandersson J. J. A., Bund, J., et al. (In Press).  Open Standards Based Public Procurement Policy For Large Market Uptake And New Entrants Barrier Lowering. AAL Summit 2012.
Terhaar, A., Lee J-W., Tevaarwerk A., Sesto M., Wiegmann D., & Fisch M. (In Press).  Work Status of Individuals with Advanced Cancer. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting.
Vanderheiden, G. (2014).  Comments of Gregg Vanderheiden Ph.D..
Vogler, C., Vanderheiden G., Rosenblum H., Stout C., Gilmore Hall A., Litman D., et al. (2014).  Reply-to comments by the RERC-TA in the Facilitating the Deployment of Text-to-911 and Other Next Generation 911 Applications, PS Docket 11-153, and Framework for Next Generation 911 Deployment, PS Docket 10-255.
Chourasia, A., Nordstrom D., & Vanderheiden G. (2014).  State of the Science on The Cloud, Accessibility, and the Future. Universal Access in the Information Society. 1-13.
Vanderheiden, G. (2013).  Accessible Collaboration Tools.
Jordan, J.B., & Vanderheiden G. (2013).  Accessible Touchscreen System. WARF.
Gemou, M., Bekiaris E., & Vanderheiden G. (2013).  Auto-configuration through Cloud: Initial Case Studies for Universal and Personalised Access for All. IST-Africa 2013.
Vanderheiden, G. (2013).  The Devolution of RTT Provisions in M376 and ANPRM.
Chourasia, A., Wiegmann D., Chen K. B., Irwin C., & Sesto M. (2013).  Effect of Sitting or Standing on Touch Screen Performance and Touch Characteristics. Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.
Kuehn, K., Chourasia A., Wiegmann D., & Sesto M. (2013).  Effects of Orientation on Workload during Touch Screen Operation among Individuals With and Without Disabilities. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 57, 1580-1584.
Sesto, M., Faatin M., Wang S., Tevaarwerk A., & Wiegmann D. (2013).  Employment and retirement status of older cancer survivors compared to non-cancer siblings. Work. 46(4), 445-453.
Vanderheiden, G., Treviranus, J., Gemou, M., Bekiaris E., Markus, K., Clark, C., et al. (2013).  The Evolving Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII). Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction: Design Methods, Tools, and Interaction Techniques for eInclusion. 8009, 107-116.
Kozma-Spytek, L., Tucker P., & Vogler C. (2013).  Ex parte filing of the RERC-TA with initial analysis of the captioned telephone service survey in the Matter of Misuse of Internet Protocol (IP) Captioned Phone Service.
Gower, V., Vanderheiden G., & Andrich R. (2013).  Federating databases of ICT-based Assistive Technology products. 12th European AAATE Conference.
Zimmerman, G., Jordan, J.B., Thakur, P., & Gohil Y. (2013).  GenURC – Generation Platform for Personal and Context-Driven User Interfaces. W4A '13: International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibility.
Vanderheiden, G., Treviranus, J., Markus, K., Clark, C., & Basman A. (2013).  The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure, Cloud4all and Prosperity4all. AAATE 2013 - Assistive Technology Research Series, Assistive Technology: From Research to Practice. 33, 417-422.
Vanderheiden, G., Schwedtfeger R., Anson D., Tobias J., & Kerscher G. (2013).  Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure: Making Progress.
Vanderheiden, G. (2013).  Harnessing evolving technologies to close the now widening digital divide by 2050 - despite distributive inequities.
Sesto, M., Tevaarwerk A., Wiegmann D., Heidrich S., & Buhr, K.A. (2013).  Improving Employment Outcomes of Breast Cancer Survivors: Evaluation of a Personalized, Decision Support Tool.
Vogler, C., & Vanderheiden G. (2013).  In the Matter of Misuse of Internet Protocol (IP) Captioned Telephone Service and Telecommunications Relay Services and Speech-to-Speech Services for Individuals with Hearing and Speech Disabilities.
Vanderheiden, G. (2013).  Lessons Learned in Technology Transfer from Dr. Gregg Vanderheiden and the Trace Research & Development Center. FOCUS Technical Brief.
Jordan, J. B., & Vanderheiden G. (2013).  Modality-Independent Interaction Framework for Cross-Disability Accessibility. 5th International Conference, CCD 2013, Held as Part of HCI International 2013, Las Vegas, NV, USA, July 21-26, 2013, Proceedings, Part I. 8023(LNCS 8023), 218-227.
Kerscher, G., Schwedtfeger R., Tobias J., & Vanderheiden G. (2013).  Progress Report on the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII).
Reid, B. (2013).  Reply Comments In the Matter of Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Seeks Comment on Petition for Declaratory Ruling and/or Rulemaking Filed by Telecommunication Systems, Inc..
Hellstrom, G., Vogler C., & Vanderheiden G. (2013).  Reply-to comments by the RERC-TA in the Facilitating the Deployment of Text-to-911 and Other Next Generation 911 Applications, PS Docket 11-153, and Framework for Next Generation 911 Deployment, PS Docket 10-255..
Chen, K. B., Savage A., Chourasia A., Wiegmann D., & Sesto M. (2013).  Touch screen performance by individuals with and without motor control disabilities. Applied Ergonomics. 44(2), 297-302.
Vanderheiden, G. (2013).  Using the Cloud and Emerging Technologies to Provide On-demand Low Vision Solutions Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device.
Ruhl, H. (2013).  A Vision of a More Accessible World. Wisconsin Engineer. 117(4), 24.
Vanderheiden, G., Treviranus, J., Martínez J., Bekiaris E., Gemou, M., & Chourasia A. (2012).  Auto-personalization: Theory, practice and cross-platform implementation. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 45, 926-930.
Vogler, C., Vanderheiden G., Gaus J., Stout C., & Rosenblum H. (2012).  Comments in the Matter of Accessible Emergency Information, and Apparatus Requirements for Emergency Information and Video Description: Implementation of the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.
Vanderheiden, G. (2012).  Comments In the Matter of: Connect America Fund; A National Broadband Plan for Our Future; Establishing Just and Reasonable Rates for Local Exchange Carriers; High-Cost Universal Service Support.
Vanderheiden, G. (2012).  Comments on the U.S. Access Board’s 2nd ANPRM of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards and Guidelines: In the matter of the ANPRM: Sections 255 and 508.
Vanderheiden, G., & Jordan, J.B. (2012).  Design for people with functional limitations. (Salvendy, G., Ed.).Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics. 1409-1441.
Jordan, J.B., & Vanderheiden G. (2012).  Device for providing improved access to the functions of human machine interfaces. Washington, DC: U.S Patent and Trademark Office.
Sesto, M., Irwin C., Chen K. B., Chourasia A., & Wiegmann D. (2012).  Effect of Touch Screen Button Size and Spacing on Touch Characteristics of Users With and Without Disabilities. Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society . 54(3), 425-436.
Vogler, C., Stout C., & Rosenblum H. (2012).  Ex Parte Comments: Supplement to Oppositions.


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