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Lazar, J. (In Press).  Accessibility: Because We All Have Disabilities When Reading. (Rubery, M., & Price L., Ed.).Further Reading.
Vanderheiden, G. (In Press).  Augmentative and Alternative Communication. The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition: Medical Devices and Systems.
Ding, Y., & Vanderheiden G. (In Press).  Computerized decision support for people with disabilities: review and outlook. Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities.
Lazar, J., & Wentz B. (In Press).  Making the Web More Interactive and Accessible for Blind People. (Ellis, K., Goggin G., & Haller B., Ed.).Routledge Companion to Disability and Media.
Perkins, R., & Vanderheiden G. (In Press).  New Access Tools for Telecollaboration OATTS.
Epelde, G., Carrasco, E., Rajasekharan, S., Zimmerman G., Alexandersson J. J. A., Bund, J., et al. (In Press).  Open Standards Based Public Procurement Policy For Large Market Uptake And New Entrants Barrier Lowering. AAL Summit 2012.
Lazar, J. (In Press).  The Potential Role of US Consumer Protection Laws in Improving Digital Accessibility for People with Disabilities. The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change.
Lazar, J. (In Press).  The Use of Screen Reader Accommodations by Blind Students in Standardized Testing: A Legal and Socio-Technical Framework. The Journal of Law & Education.
Lazar, J. (In Press).  Web Accessibility Policy and Law. (Yesilada, Y., & Harper S., Ed.).Web Accessibility: A Foundation for Research (2nd edition).
Lazar, J. (2018).  Breaking Down Barriers Between Undergraduate Computing Students and Users with Disabilities. (Langdon, P., Lazar J., Heylighen A., & Dong H., Ed.).Breaking Down Barriers: Usability, Accessibility, and Inclusive Design. 171-179.
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Lazar, J. (2018).  Due Process and Primary Jurisdiction Doctrine: A Threat to Accessibility Research and Practice?. Proceedings of the ACM 2018 Conference on Accessible Technology (ASSETS). 404-406.
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Lazar, J. (2018).  Let's strengthen the HCI community by taking a gap year!. Interactions. 25(1), 20-21.
Lazar, J. (2018).  Translating Accessibility Research into Accessibility Practice. Presented at Google Headquarters as a Google TechTalk.
Lazar, J. (2017).  Crossing Disciplines and Breaking Down Barriers. Inaugural presentation of the Loyola University Maryland Green and Grey Alumni Speaker Series.
Lazar, J., & Stein M. (2017).  Disability, Human Rights, and Information Technology.
Lazar, J. (2017).  Disability, Human Rights, and Information Technology. Book Talk at Harvard Law School.
Lazar, J., Wentz B., & Winckler M. (2017).  Information Privacy and Security as a Human Right for People with Disabilities. (Lazar, J., & Stein M., Ed.).Disability, Human Rights, and Information Technology. 199-211.
Lazar, J., Williams V., Gunderson J., & Foltz T. (2017).  Investigating the Potential of a Dashboard for Monitoring US Federal Website Accessibility. Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
Lazar, J., Churchill E., Grossman T., Van der Veer G., Palanque P., Morris J., et al. (2017).  Making the Field of Computing More Inclusive. Communications of the ACM. 60(3), 50-59.
Lazar, J. (2017).  Making the Field of Computing More Inclusive. Based on the March 2017 Paper in Communications of the ACM.
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Lazar, J. (2016).  Having a Social Impact by Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone. CHI 2016 Conference.
Lazar, J. (2016).  HCI and International Public Policymaking: A Framework for Understanding and Taking Future Actions. Panel at the CHI 2016 Conference.
Lazar, J., Abascal A., Barbosa S., Barksdale J., Friedman B., Grossklags J., et al. (2016).  Human-Computer Interaction and International Public Policymaking: A Framework for Understanding and Taking Future Actions. Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction. 9(2), 69-149.
Lazar, J. (2016).  SIGCHI Social Impact Award Presentation. From the CHI 2016 Conference.
Lazar, J., Goldstein D., & Taylor A. (2015).  Ensuring Digital Accessibility Through Process and Policy.
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Vanderheiden, G. (2014).  Comments of Gregg Vanderheiden Ph.D..
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Langdon, P., Lazar J., Heylighen A., & Dong H. (2014).  Inclusive Designing: Joining Usability, Accessibility, and Inclusion.
Vogler, C., Vanderheiden G., Rosenblum H., Stout C., Gilmore Hall A., Litman D., et al. (2014).  Reply-to comments by the RERC-TA in the Facilitating the Deployment of Text-to-911 and Other Next Generation 911 Applications, PS Docket 11-153, and Framework for Next Generation 911 Deployment, PS Docket 10-255.
Chourasia, A., Nordstrom D., & Vanderheiden G. (2014).  State of the Science on The Cloud, Accessibility, and the Future. Universal Access in the Information Society. 1-13.
Vanderheiden, G. (2013).  Accessible Collaboration Tools.
Jordan, J.B., & Vanderheiden G. (2013).  Accessible Touchscreen System. WARF.


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